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Excel Pivot Tables (Akron Campus)

Dates: August 9, 2021

Meets: M from 9:00 AM to 12 N

Tuition: $59.00

Students will learn how to create and modify PivotTables and PivotCharts as well as how to filter and modify fields to format and group data. Then students will use advanced features such as consolidating multiple workbooks as well as creating and using page fields. Finally, you will learn how to generate PivotTables using imported data from external data sources like Access, SQL Tables, the Internet, or other database programs.

1 Intro
Simple lists
Advanced Filtering

Creating and Modifying PivotTables
Modifying the PivotTable View
Formatting PivotTables
Refreshing PivotTables
Creating/Using Custom PivotTable Styles

Filtering and Modifying Fields on PivotTables
Filtering PivotTables
Conditional Formatting PivotTables
Grouping Data in PivotTable
Using and Formatting a Slicer

Creating and Modifying PivotCharts
Creating a PivotChart
Formatting PivotCharts

Advanced Features of PivotTables
Consolidating Multiple Workbooks and Ranges
Using a Generated Page Field Creating Your Own Page Field
Using Calculated Fields and Items

Creating PivotTables from External Data
Importing Data from External Data Sources
Importing External Data Using the PivotTable Tool
Creating a PivotTable from an Access Object
Fee: $59.00

Theodore Younessi


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