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Tim Black
Larry Bridges
Matt Claflin I have been an active member in the fire service for 10 years. My career began with the Uniontown and Lakemore Fire Departments on a volunteer and part-time basis. During that time I became certified as a State of Ohio Level II Firefighter and Paramedic. I hold an Associates Degree in Fire Science as well as an Associates of Emergency Fire Services. My professional firefighting career began with the City of Ashland Division of Fire. I am currently employed as a professional Firefighter/Medic with the City of Akron Fire Department. I am stationed out of number 4 house and assigned to the Hazardous Materials team as a Haz-Mat technician. I also hold the rank of Lieutenant with the Lakemore Fire Department and currently oversee the Training and Fire division.
Shawn Faust
Ron Finklestein
Rosemary Fitzpatrick
Brian Furlong Brian Furlong is a seasoned, senior executive with 30 years experience in manufacturing and finance. He is a passionate advocate of Lean Enterprise, having successfully completed implementation in numerous facilities in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. He is highly motivated, energetic and focused on ensuring that organizations achieve maximum profitability through effective management of the value-stream.

Brian is co-author of the book “The Elusive Lean Enterprise” He is a frequent TEC speaker and a keynote speaker at various business seminars and conferences.
Todd Gerber
Laura Icardi
Rose Ann Kay
Darla Klein
Heather McNichols
Tim Mehlberg
Alan Plastow
Barry Saley
Dan Sommers
Garrison Ure
Theodore Younessi